今宵は「Mike + The Mechanics」の「Out of The Blue」です。 [音楽]


今宵は「Mike + The Mechanics(マイク&ザ・メカニックス)」の「Out of The Blue」。

Mike + The Mechanics - Out of The Blue - 2019.jpg

Disc 1

01. One Way
02. Out of the Blue
03. What Would You Do
04. The Living Years
05. Beggar on a Beach of Gold
06. Get Up
07. Another Cup of Coffee
08. All I Need Is a Miracle
09. Silent Running
10. Over My Shoulder
11. Word of Mouth

Disc 2

01. Don't Know What Came Over Me (Acoustic)
02. The Best Is Yet to Come (Acoustic)
03. The Living Years (Acoustic)
04. Beggar on a Beach of Gold (Acoustic)
05. Another Cup of Coffee (Acoustic)
06. Over My Shoulder (Acoustic)


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