今宵は「Karfagen」の「Echoes From Within Dragon Island」です。 [音楽]


今宵は「Karfagen(カルファーゲン)」の「Echoes From Within Dragon Island」。

Karfagen - Echoes From Within Dragon Island - 2019.jpg

CD 1

01. Dragon Island Suite 1
1a. To The Fairy Land Afar
1b. Through The Magical Forest
1c. Little Thoughtful Creatures
02. Dragon Island Suite 2
2a. Shady Fairies
2b. All The Names I Know
2c. Picture Story-Books
2d. Where All The Playthings Come Alive
3. My Bed Is A Boat 2:45
03. Dragon Island Suite 3
4a. Sailor's Coat
4b. Valley Of The Kings

Limited Edition CD 2

01. Flowing Brooks
02. Winter Rooks
03. Incantation (Part 1)
04. Incantation (Part 2)
05. My Bed Is A Boat (Instrumental Version)
06. Dragon Island (Single)
07. Across The Dark We Steer
08. Alight Again (Studio Live 2016)


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