今宵は「The Tangent」の「Proxy」です。 [音楽]


今宵は「The Tangent(ザ・タンジェント)」の「Proxy」。

The Tangent - Proxy - 2018.jpg

01. Proxy
  - The Art Of The Deal
  - Proxy Part 1
  - On The Level
  - Brain Salad Burglary
  - Prime Time Catastrophe
  - Proxy Part 2
02. The Melting Andalusian Sky
03. A Case Of Misplaced Optimism
04. The Adulthood Lie
  - A Missed Opportunity In Ibiza
  - Running Alongside The Mainstream Or Directly Across It
  - How To Believe The Lie
  - Kit-e-Kat & Taxidermist On Standby
  - Repeated Line Indicating That "there's still time"
  - A Missed Opportunity In Ibiza (Reprise)

Bonus tracks
05. Supper's Off
  - My Child's A Stranger, I Bore Her But I Could Not Raise Her
  - Like He's Looking Back On The Good Old Bands
  - By The Time We Got To Woodstock
06. Excerpts from "Exo-Oceans"


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