今宵は「Lonely Robot」の「Under Stars」です。 [音楽]


今宵は「Lonely Robot(ロンリー・ロボット)」の「Under Stars」。

Lonely Robot - Under Stars - 2019.jpg

01. Terminal Earth
02. Ancient Ascendant
03. Icarus
04. Under Stars
05. Authorship of Our Lives
06. The Signal
07. The Only Time I Don't Belong is Now
08. When Gravity Fails
09. How Bright is the Sun?
10. Inside this Machine
11. An Ending

Bonus Tracks on CD Gatefold Edition

12. How Bright is the Sun? (Cosmic Mix)
13. Under Stars (Cosmic Mix)
14. Lonely Robot - Chapter One - Airlock

John Christian Mitchellと言う英国のギタリストのソロプロジェクト。

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